New Balance Men’s MT410v5 Trail Runner Review

New Balance Men's MT410v5 Trail Runner Review
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Trail running shoes are a hit or miss when it comes to overall fit and running experience. You won’t know for sure until you try them on and run on it. Good thing there are product reviews like this to help you make informed choices! Today, we will review one of New Balance’s trail running shoes.

New Balance offers a wide variety of shoes designed for trail running. They have cushioning shoes, stability shoes, and motion control shoes, and it is important to know which type is right for you based on your gait and footwork. The one that we are going to review today is cushioning-type shoes, which are best for people with a neutral running or walking gait and for those who tend to supinate.

New Balance Men’s MT410v5 Trail Runner

The New Balance MT410v5 is actually the fifth version of MT410s, and it has a sole with smaller spacing than version 4. A few other tweaks here and there were done and now, it’s better than ever.


Some of the most notable features of the shoes are:

  • Sizes and Colors

This is available in US men’s sizes ranging from seven to 18, and you can choose from wide foot and X-wide foot types. It is available in five masculine color combinations namely black, grey, dark grey, denim grey, and blue.

  • Cushioning

This pair of shoes has a lot of cushioning, especially under the ball of the foot, making it perfect for people who tend to supinate or roll outward during their gait. The cushioning also helps in absorbing shock and maintaining stability while running. This is especially important if you’re dealing with uneven, soft ground with lots of natural obstacles like fallen branches, big tree roots, and gravel.

  • Design

The New Balance Men’s MT410v5 Trail Running Shoes doesn’t look like any of those oddly-shaped mountain shoes that make your feet look weird. Hence, it is not just to be paired with dri-fit shirts for running but can also be worn during casual occasions. It is a pleasant balance of functionality and fashion.

  • Rugged Materials

These trail runners are made of 75% synthetic materials and 25% breathable mesh. The midsole is constructed using ACTEVA rubber, while the outsole is made of All Terrain Tread.

It also comes with NB response 2.0 performance insert for a more supportive fit. Additionally, it has strong, flat laces that are easy to adjust and does not come undone easily.


  • Affordable
  • Fashionable and low-profile design
  • Sole is reliably thick and rugged
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Multiple colors available
  • Great traction and grip


  • Inconsistent sizing
  • The glue shows and starts to peel off
  • Little arch support


The New Balance Men’s MT410v5 Trail Runner is a perfect balance of cushioning and durability. The strongest feature it has is its All-Terrain Tread outsole since it is really thick and provides good grip and traction so that you can tackle any type of terrain. As long as the lugs are not filled with mud, these shoes will stick to anything throughout your trail journey.

Another strong point is its versatility. It’s originally designed for trail running, but you can also pair it with casual jeans and shirt. Just make sure that you get a pair that is one size bigger than your usual size.


With the rising popularity of minimalist or barefoot shoes, it is rather hard to find trail running shoes with cushioning. Luckily, we found the Merrell Men’s All Out Charge Trail Running Shoes.

Just like the New Balance MT410v5, these trail running shoes are made of a combination of synthetic and mesh materials. This pair doesn’t have the same amount of cushioning as the MT410v5, but it does have a 12 mm heel cushioning, 6mm heel-to-toe drop, and a 27mm heel stack height.


It has the Unifly™ feature which provides an impact-absorption system for a soft landing and stable takeoff. This is made possible through soft and ultra-resilient foam with strategically placed shock pads, so you can keep going faster and further.

The upper part of Merrell All Out Charge has a specialized Hyperwrap 360-degree fit that locks your foot in place. This fit system molds to your foot so that you can have that desired agility and stability to tackle any tricky terrain. Just like any Merrell trail running shoes, the All Out Charge also has the M Select Fresh feature, which eliminates odor-causing bacteria from sweat, and the M Select Grip traction outsoles, which ensures that you remain grounded in any terrain.

Other cool features include shoe design details that are reflective so that the shoes remain visible even in low light. Its footbed is also removable so that you can wash and dry the shoes easier.

Differences with New Balance MT410v5

Compared to the New Balance MT410v5, there are more color combinations to choose from: Dark Slate, Black, Blue Dusk, Dusty Olive, Yellow, Black and Molten Lava, Grey and Lime Green, Granite and Green, Molten Lava and Bright Yellow, and Racer Blue and Navy. The All Out Charge weighs 11.2 ounces, slightly heavier than the MT410v5 by 0.2 ounces and is available in US sizes 7 to 15.

Similarities with New Balance MT410v5

Both shoes tend to run small in size and has a narrower toe box compared to most trail running shoes. Both also have excellent grip on mixed terrain and are hard and rugged, so they require a longer time to break in.


Overall, the New Balance Men’s MT410v5 Trail Running Shoes is a decent pair considering its budget-friendly price. The thick, rugged sole alone is worth the price because other trail running shoes are only suitable in smooth trails but not in rocky and muddy slopes. This one lives up to its outsole’s name—All Terrain Tread.

Since these are cushioning shoes, this is best for people with a neutral gait and those who tend to supinate. This is also great for walks, runs, or hikes that may take longer as it only weighs less than a pound and the cushioning will provide extra support and comfort.

Unlike other trail running shoes that look too sporty, these shoes have a sneaker-style design which the New Balance shoes are popular for. It’s like having two-in-one shoes that you can use both for trail running and casual walking. However, if you are looking for shoes with more arch support and has a wider toe box, this is not for you, especially since it is smaller and narrower than other trail running shoes.


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