Best Men’s Running Shoes for Smooth and Rough Terrains

Best Men's Running Shoes for Smooth and Rough Terrains
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What should be the most important factor in determining the best men's running shoes? Should we concern ourselves with its looks? How about the wear? Assistance in physical activity?

Certainly, there are a lot of things to take note of, especially when you are going to buy shoes that will be used for running because running shoes are special. They do not only help you with your running performance, but they can also be of help when it comes to your endurance. Yes, you read that right; running shoes can help with how long you can run.

It does not have a lot to do with your level of comfort in your running shoes, but it is about the structure. The right running shoe structure for your feet and running style will help you to push yourself to run longer. It is because the structure itself helps with how your feet move while you run.

The shoes will eventually dictate the proper form of your feet which will then pave the way for your feet to find the most efficient stance for you to run longer. Are you serious about running and do not know what running shoes to get? Keep on reading to find out which is the best running shoes for men!

Best Men's Running Shoes Reviews

1. Adidas Rockadia Trail Running Shoes

We are off to a good start with a brand that claims that they make the best running shoes. Well, let us be the judge of that. The main attraction of this pair of running shoes is the fact that it is best for off-road performance.

That means it is meant to hold its own against even the roughest terrain. It does so due to having rugged traction. Also, it is made of textile and synthetic materials, and when it comes to its sole, it is made of rubber.

At the same time, it is best for trail running because of its rubber outsole that is grippy. Additionally, its upper mesh provides for maximum ventilation which will keep your feet cool even after running for a long time.

Moving forward to its tip, it has a fitted tip, so it is suggested to get one size down if you want a tight fit. On the other hand, for a loose fit, get one size up. Lastly, you will surely find the look that suits your personality because it comes in a lot of colors and styles.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The bottom has an excellent grip to it.
  • check
    Feels stable on rocky terrain
  • check
    The foam can support the base of the foot


  • Tricky to find the right size
  • Not so much arch support
  • Combination of different materials can prove to increase the occurrence of blisters
  • Times Circle
    Shoelaces can easily get undone
  • Times Circle
    No shock absorption

2. Puma Tazon Running Shoes

Let us now move on to a type of running shoes wherein the brand emphasizes construction and fit. With that said, these running shoes do not have a lot of colors nor styles. In fact, you can also choose from three variations which are black with silver, white with black and silver, and white with silver.

The majority of the shoe is made of synthetic leather, while the outsole is constructed out of rubber that has a good grip. Additionally, for the shaft measurement, it is approximately low top from the arch.

It also features a T-toe construction, which means it was made to be lightweight, but has a specific form to it. At the same time, the lace closure makes for a snug fit. It also has a midfoot saddle which provides comfort and proper fit.

Its midsole is also cushioned. There is also a sock liner to make way for those who wear socks in their running shoes. The breathable eco-ortholite is integrated into the shoes so that it won't trap in air and moisture, leaving your feet feeling comfortable.

Finally, there is an EVA heel pod which helps with shock absorption, and for increased stability, it has a TPU shank.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • The sole is durable.
  • check
    True to fit
  • check
    Comfortable to wear


  • Requires a lot of time to completely break in
  • Does not have a lot of arch support
  • Can be too snug in the ankle
  • Times Circle
    The insoles can be easily worn out.
  • Times Circle
    Default form can be too tight for some people

3. Onemix Air Cushion Sports Running Shoes

Finally, we have the last running shoes which are competing for the title of best men's running shoes. This time we have a brand in which a lot of people brand as being the imitation of Nike. Let us find out why it is being called that way.

These running shoes are made of synthetic material. As for its exterior, it has a breathable fabric for the mesh and KPU to give that exoskeleton effect. In terms of its interior, it has deodorant insoles which are great for sterilization. These insoles are also highly elastic, which can help with shock absorption.

At the same time, it has a whole palm air cushion, which helps with providing a comfortable stretch. The pair of shoes also has a strong damping protection because of the nitrogen filled cushion.

Lastly, it has bionic octopus outsoles which are made of rubber material. This can also provide great traction and support to the soles of your feet.


  • Has a nice fit
  • Does not require any break in
  • Comfortable to wear
  • check
    Effectively supports and cushions the foot
  • check


  • Inconsistency in quality
  • Does not provide arch support
  • Not that stable and breathable
  • Times Circle
    Inside of the shoe can easily fray

The Verdict

We will say that Adidas really takes their running shoe game seriously as their Rockadia Trail Running Shoes are the best ones in this list. It is not perfect, but you can rely on these shoes to support you until you end your run. What is more interesting is the outsoles of these shoes are not just meant for concrete.

Therefore, even though they are called running shoes, you can also use them to tackle rough terrain which you usually encounter during outdoor activities. With that said, it is the most versatile out of all the running shoes in this list.

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